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Thanks !!

Many blessings have been sent our way… and we are extremely grateful. Through all the difficult and challenging times, our hearts have been touched with the love and support that we've received from everyone. Thank you for all the love, thoughts, support, and prayers.

Kacie and the Minnesota Vikings! Read all about it at the Sanford Herald website.

Kick-a-thon *** Car Wash *** Bowl-a-thon
Saturday, August 25, 2001. What a busy, exciting, and extremely fun day!!!

Kick-a-thonThere was a whole lot of kicking going on at the kick-a-thon sponsored by Vernon Mason Karate. Many thanks to everyone who participated; your karate training has definitely been worth the effort. There was a lot of coordination, concentration, and strong legs, kicking as many as 359 kicks in a 3-minute limit. We really enjoyed the cookout afterwards, giving us valuable time to spend with everyone. Thanks to the great chefs. At the end of the function, Kacie launched a bouquet of smiley balloons into the air. It will be exciting if someone finds them one day and writes her a note.

St Luke's Car WashLots of thanks to St. Luke's 4th-8th grade Sunday School Class for all of their hard work at the car wash. It is a real blessing to have so many young people who have caring hearts. Not only did you make the cars sparkle, but you have make our hearts sparkle with joy. Thank you for putting in all the time and hard work.

Bowl-a-thonBig Grizzly Bear Hugs to all the Grafton Bethel Elementary School students for their support with the many spares and many strikes, as they were bowling in support of Kacie at the AMF York Lanes. Several of the students bowled their highest scores ever!!! A lot of thanks to Jackie Beaton for coordinating this successful event, especially during the summer break. Jackie put a lot of effort into making sure everyone had a great time!

Kacie's Special Friends:

Great BIG HUGS go out to Kacie's special friends. Several of her friends decided to help raise funds in our neighborhood. What a surprise! These children have hearts of gold. BIG HUGS to Cynthia, Alex, Hollie, Mandie, Blair and Aaron.

Tides Double-Header Ball Game:

Batter Up!Take Me Out To The Ball Game… buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks… What a great time at the Tides Double Header on June 30, 2001! Thanks to Denbigh Toyota and Bobby Evans, Service Director, for inviting our family to an exciting Tides ball game. We had box office seats right behind the catcher. There was only one time when the ball almost hit us. This was a special night for us. Thanks!

American Airlines - Miles for Kids: Kacie enjoys her first airplane ride

Our family was blessed with the wonderful generosity of the Miles for Kids' Program offered through American Airlines. The airlines flew us from Virginia to Minnesota for a consultation on the bone marrow transplant. The pilots and flight attendants really made Kacie's first airplane ride a memory that we will always cherish.

Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser:

Kacie and our family are extremely thankful for the many friends from Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS) and the College of William and Mary (W&M) who organized a delicious spaghetti dinner fundraiser on June 29.Kacie and Mom and Dad Words cannot express how thankful we are for the hard work and many hours that our friends volunteered away from their personal lives to organize such a wonderful evening. Special thanks goes out to the Yorktown Fleet Reserve Association who so graciously sponsored the event. All of the members really made us feel like family and we really enjoyed the evening and making a lot of new friends. Everyone is still talking about the delicious spaghetti, which was made and donated by Chet Flanagan of the Silver Maple Cafe located in Toano, Virginia. VIMS and W&M volunteers added a sweet touch by creating a variety of deserts. Thanks to Flowers Bakery for providing the fresh dinner rolls. Kiln Creek Farm Fresh and Kiln Creek Kroger both provided donations to help make this event a success. Thanks also to Cox Cable and St. Marks Lutheran Church for allowing everyone to park in their parking lots. Spaghetti Dinner at the FRA

We greatly appreciate everyone who purchased tickets, made donations, or participated in organizing this event. By having everyone's support, this dinner was an enjoyable and uplifting evening. Thank you to everyone!!!

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