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Our Journey

April 27, 2002 and theArchives page

April 27, 2002 - Day +198 - The Gates Of Heaven...

The white pearly gates of heaven are wide open to welcome a perfect angel into God’s kingdom. Jesus is waiting to hold and hug our precious little one. Kacie will be joining the other little angels in heaven. Please pray that this evening is peaceful as Kacie leaves us here on earth to be with her heavenly father.

Kacie has touched more lives than we can imagine. We receive letters everyday of people who have been praying and following her journey. God has a better place for her now that is filled with no pain and only happiness.

We’re updating this journal entry early so that we can spend every precious moment with her. We will update more as we are able. We will be planning a “Celebration of Life Ceremony” for Kacie soon and will update the journal entry with details.

Please keep us in prayer this evening. Pray that Kacie is comforted and rejoices at the party that the Lord has planned for her. God bless each and every one of you.

Smiles & Giggles,

Donald, Kathi, Erin, & Kacie

Previous journal entries will be available on the Archives page.

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