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Our Family

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Kacie is proud of her sister, Erin, for completing her 7th Kyu Blue Belt in Karate. Erin has worked very hard in her training. The following pictures were taken at her belt testing.

My sister Erin testing for 7th Kyu Blue Belt in Karate

My sister Erin receiving her 7th Kyu Blue Belt Certificate in Karate from Renshi Vernon Mason.

Erin, Kacie, and Renshi Vernon Mason after Erin completed her 7th Kyu Blue Belt Test in Karate.
The Goodwin family having a great night out at the Tides' ball game.

Kacie showing her Tides' Spirit.

The Goodwin's enjoying the Tides' game.
The girls always have a blast while playing at Gaston Lake!

Kacie and Erin having fun at Gaston Lake.

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